Matt Spaier and the Investigators Toolbox

Matt Spaier and the Investigators Toolbox
January 26, 2021 Intermountain PI 0 Comments

Matt Spaier and the Investigators ToolboxINTERMOUNTAIN PI PODCAST

JANUARY 26, 2021 | EPISODE 40


This week it’s New York private investigator Matt Spaier and the Investigators Toolbox. Learn more about this amazing resource for private investigators.  Enter promo code: intermountainpod21 for 10% off the Investigators Toolbox.

You can find New York Private Investigator Matt Spaier at Satellite Investigations. He is the creator of the Investigators Toolbox and host of the well-known podcast, PI Perspectives.

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Investigators Toolbox

Host Scott Fulmer is a Utah private investigator and author of Confessions of a Private Eye, on Amazon. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.  Scott lives near the Crossroads of the West in historic Salt Lake City.

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