Nola Nicholson

“Excellent Communicator”

“Scott is professional and an excellent communicator. Based on first-hand experience working with Scott, I would not hesitate to recommend Scott…”

Nola Nicholson

Dave Nalley

Dave Nalley

“Scott was able to rapidly help us locate and serve a defendant we’d been tracking for over a month. Scott was, and remains my first choice for an investigator in Utah.”

Dave Nalley

Courtney Southwick

“Gets Answers”

“I have worked with Scott…and seen the quality of his work. He works tirelessly, pays attention to detail and gets answers for his clients.”

Courtney Southwick

John Upchurch

“Great People”

“Great people and helpful with everything including employee screening.”

John Upchurch

Pamela McKinney

“Located a Source Quickly”

“Scott Fulmer located a source that I needed quickly…I am referring Scott Fulmer to others.”

Pamela McKinney

Katherine Wright


“Great investigators in the SLC area – communicative and efficient.”

Katherine Wright

Mark Murnan

“Highly Recommend!”

“Mr. Fulmer is experienced, with an extensive network of contacts in the mountain states, where it is often difficult to access information. He is an invaluable resource for clients and other investigators. Highly recommend!”

Mark Murnan

Steven Mason

“Industry Leader and Professional.”

“…Scott is a true industry leader and professional. If you need private investigation assistance in Utah, I recommend you contact Scott to learn how he can help.”

Steven Mason

investigating nursing homes with kelly riddle

“Always Professional”

“Scott is always professional and has completed some very successful assignments.”

Kelly Riddle

The PI Coach John A Hoda

“Consumate Professional”

“Scott is a consummate professional.  I would trust him without question to handle anything I needed in his territory.”

John A. Hoda

About Intermountain PI: We understand things can happen in life when least expected.  If you need peace of mind, the Utah private investigators at Intermountain PI can help.  We have provided discrUtah Private Investigator Scott Fulmereet and confidential private investigation services for the last 30 years.  

When you need a private investigator in Utah, look no further than private investigator Scott Fulmer and Intermountain PI.  

We are the leading provider of domestic and corporate investigations  throughout Utah.

Clients include:


At Intermountain PI, our diverse team of professional and experienced private investigators include male and female investigators and former local law enforcement.  

We are properly insured, legally bonded, fully vetted and duly licensed throughout the Intermountain West. Regardless of the type of private investigation services you may need, we follow proven methodologies and cost-effective procedures that produce real results.  

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About Intermountain PIAt the age of eight, Scott Fulmer discovered the mysteries of the great consulting detective Sherlock Holmes on the dusty shelves of his elementary school library. And with that his career choice was set.  

As it turns out, private investigations actually run in the family.  As a teenager, Fulmer tagged along on surveillance with his uncle, George P. Cain, a Texas private investigator. 

Eventually Fulmer joined the U.S. Army serving with distinction in the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.  He did so to earn money for college.  He is a decorated combat veteran and a disabled veteran, having served a tour in the vast deserts of Iraq with the famous 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

After the war he returned to Ft. Hood, Texas to finish out his service with the 1st Cavalry Division (First Team).  He eventually left the military with an honorable discharge.  Fulmer attended the University of Texas at San Antonio on the G.I. Bill and graduated in 1998 with a degree in criminal justice.


Intermountain PI Private investigator Scott Fulmer brings the same tenacity and fortitude he exhibited on the dangerous  smoke-filled battlefields of Iraq, to theAbout Intermountain PI private investigations he conducts throughout the Intermountain West.  

He is a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services and the Private Investigators Association of Utah. He has worked as a private investigator for 30 years. Not only in the public sector but the private sector as well.  

While still in college, Fulmer cut his teeth with one of the largest regional private investigation companies in Texas. Initially, conducting surveillance and insurance claims investigations for top the insurance companies, self insureds and third party administrators throughout the state.

Later, he was granted a top secret security clearance by the US Government and began conducting national security background investigations for numerous government agencies.  Including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Customs and Border Patrol, NASA and other agencies.  

He also worked as a paralegal investigator for the Missouri Public Defender in Columbia, Missouri. Fulmer worked criminal defense investigations for the indigent at the post-conviction level.


about private investigator scott fulmerPrivate investigator Scott Fulmer founded Intermountain PI in 2006.  Since that time, Intermountain PI has become the top private investigation firm in Utah.  We specializes in domestic and corporate investigations. 

Aside from directing Intermountain PI, Scott Fulmer hosts one of the most popular private investigation podcasts in the industry, The Intermountain PI Podcast He is also a regular contributor to PInow.com and Pursuit Magazine.

Finally, he is author of the critically acclaimed true crime memoir, Confessions of a Private Eye.  Fulmer’s first book is about his 30 year career as a private investigator.  Confessions of a Private Eye is available in paperback or ebook on Amazon.  He is currently at work on a second book.

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